In Uniplast, the processing of raw materials is done with full mastery over the process, which guarantees total control, but also demonstrates how large the range of plastics is, including the alternative choices for sustainable and ethical use.
Where possible, and in full respect of the high quality final result, the continuous cycle anticipates the suggestion of materials that can be made into something new, with a view to future recycling and meeting an increasingly present demand from end customers.
Uniplast creates a meeting point for a modern sensibility between suppliers and buyers, which then increases the value offered to the customer.

(I)amNature is a compound composed of different polymers that come strictly from renewable sources.
The main base polymer is derived from the fermentation of certain bacteria. The bacterium chosen by (I)amNature produces a special grade of polyhydroxyalkanoates, which has the specific property of biodegrading in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
It is in fact degradable like the natural par excellence material: wood.
These are alternative sustainable materials that can replace the traditional ones, especially in more technical and durable applications.

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